Thursday, July 09, 2009

If anyone is still out there...

I know I haven't been very good about blogging lately, mostly because I don't have much to say that is very interesting. But, a lot has happened these last couple of weeks, so if you are out there - here it goes!!

My best friend got married last week. The wedding was wonderful and I had a lot of fun with her and all of our friends. I didn't cry until I had to say goodbye at the end of the reception. It all went really well.

I was in Buffalo for a whole week before the wedding, which meant quality time with mom, sis, and schmoe - all of which was wonderful. K joined me up there for most of the visit, which was nice. And at the end of the week, K's oldest brother came into town too and we got to spend time with him.

Unfortunately, some really shitty stuff happened too. First, K was moving his truck about 5 miles - from an abandoned parking lot to his drop-yard - when he got pulled over for a DOT inspection. It was INSANE. My sister and I were there, because we were gonna drive him home after he dropped off his truck. The inspection took TWO HOURS and then they gave him a ticket because he didn't write "off duty" in his log book. It's considered a misdemeanor!!! Can you fucking believe that?? So now he has to go back to Buffalo and go to court!! Fucking insane. So, he was pretty upset about that because he doesn't know if he will lose his job over it.

Then, on sunday (the 5th), I flew home and K stayed up there to go fishing with his brothers. I was almost back to my apartment when K called to say that he was on his way to the emergency room because he thinks he broke his finger! He said he never saw a finger swell up so fast in his life, so he was pretty concerned. About 4 hours later he called to say it was just a severe sprain - but it still sucks.

I went back to work on monday where I had a fight with the head of my department which has convinced me that I need a new job. This guy is such a jackass and this is the 2nd time (that I know of) when he has blatantly lied about me to other partners. I don't think I will lose my job before the end of the year, but I've started looking for something new. I've contacted 3 recruiting firms and applied to the IRS for an attorney position, so we'll see what happens.

But the BIGGEST thing that happened this week was this morning - I got into a car accident. I was stopped at a red light and a girl slammed into the back of me. My car isn't too bad, but I have whiplash which REALLY hurts. So, I took this afternoon off and I probably won't go in tomorrow either - maybe in the afternoon depending on how I feel. Luckily, K is supposed to be in town tonight, so at least I won't be alone. Unfortunately though, he just got stopped AGAIN for another DOT inspection. Hopefully no tickets this time though.

So, anyway, it's been a rough couple of weeks. If anyone wants to send me chocolate, I wouldn't object...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Relieved

I'm not sure why, but I have been REALLY stressed for the last 2 weeks and today, I just feel better.

I think a lot of my stress had to do with my best friend's wedding, which is silly, but it's just a big deal and I want it to be great, ya know? I'm not maid of honor, which hurt my feelings a little but also means I'm not responsible for anything. Still, I think it was stressing me a bit. In the last few days though, I've talked to her a lot and I just feel better I guess.

The rest of it had to do with money - mostly K's money problems. But he is almost caught up on all of his bills now so that lightens things up a bit too.

And things at work are going pretty well too, I have a lot of work and all my feedback has been really positive.

Plus, I finally had a good night's sleep last night. My jaw has been hurting SOOOO much lately and it's been keeping me awake. Last night I tried a Tylenol PM and it worked great - took away my pain and let me sleep.

So, today, I just feel good. Yay!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Funny Lawsuits

The following lawsuits were filed in central Florida this week. At least one of them should make you laugh.

1. Negligence action claiming the plaintiff was injured when a horse she was stabling was spooked by wild pigs, causing it to rear and land on the plaintiff. The plaintiff was denied worker's compensation and wages while recuperating. After leaving the defendant's employ, the defendant sold the plaintiff's horse without her consent.

2. Negligence action claiming the plaintiff was struck in the head, shoulders and back when a box of frozen dinners fell on her while an employee of the defendant's was stocking boxes in the frozen food section.

3. Negligence complaint. Defendant hit the plaintiff in the head with a bulk mail carrier.

4. Wrongful arrest complaint. Defendant Rice pulled the plaintiff over for a routine traffic stop and wrongly accused him of chewing crack cocaine, when he was really chewing bubble gum.

5. Negligence complaint. The plaintiff was in a hot tub at the defendant's resort when she became trapped by the hot tub suction drain.

6. Negligence complaint. The automatic doors at the defendant's store opened too quickly and knocked the plaintiff to the ground.

Friday, May 29, 2009


If you ask K if he cares what other people think he will, emphatically, tell you no. He is lying. I think, of all of my friends, he cares what people think more than anyone. To some extent, I am fine with that. The only problem I have is his ranking system. It seems that the less connected he is to someone, the MORE he cares what they think of him and, consequently, of me. In most instances this is only mildly irritating. I don't mind "behaving myself" in front of his friends or family to a certain extent. There are some things I will NOT do though, under any circumstances, like wear matching socks.

But the one thing that REALLY bothers me lately is his concern about what his ex-girlfriend's mother, D, thinks. See, this is all facebook's fault. D still adores K, even though he is no longer dating her daughter (and hasn't been for about 5 years now). D thinks breaking up with K was her daughter's biggest mistake. I don't agree, I think they had a TERRIBLE relationship, and it was best that it ended, but of course D doesn't know the details like I do.

Anyway, so D is K's facebook friend and she leaves him comments ALL the time. At first, I didn't realize who she was. So, when she left him a birthday message with his name spelled wrong, I made a sarcastic comment that "I don't know who D is but she should at least learn how to spell your name correctly!" I know it was a bit rude, but come ON, his name is at the top of the page you are typing on! LOOK UP!!! Good lord. And once I realized who she was, she has known him for like, 15 years!!! It's not that hard! Anyway, K deleted my comment because he didn't want D to get mad. And, like I said, this bothers me, ya know?

Yesterday, he deleted another comment of mine (because he didn't want D to see it), that had NOTHING to do with her! WTF?? Why on EARTH does he care what this woman thinks of him?? Or of me?? Truly, she will probably hate me no matter what - just like her daughter does. He says that he and D are "cool" and he wants to keep it that way. But why?? I mean, I get along with some of my exes' parents, not that they are friends with me on FB or anything, but if they got mad at me about something K said I wouldn't give a shit. Why does he? I guess it upsets me because deep down I still think this is a "just in case" move. Like, if things don't work out with me and he gets back together with the ex, he wants her mom to still like him. And I think that, at this stage when he is telling people he wants to marry me, he shouldn't have a back-up plan. But it also bothers me because he would NEVER delete someone else's comment just so I wouldn't get upset. And again, I think he needs to have a better ranking system.

Anyway, so that is just my rant on that. NBD, just annoying - ya know?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, the places she'll go!!

It's official. My sister is a college graduate. She is the first person in the family to graduate from college within 4 years after graduating from high school. She graduated with a 3.9 GPA and stayed at one school from beginning to end. She did an amazing job, and I am extremely proud of her.

I've been to a lot of graduation ceremonies in my lifetime, including three of my own. I think the best I've seen was my undergrad ceremony at FAU. It was well organized and well-paced. Everyone got to see their child/brother/sister/significant other/friend walk across the stage. People got to take good pictures and could also buy good pictures afterwards. You'd think such a ceremony would be easy to orchestrate, but you'd be wrong.

My sister's ceremonies were horribly planned. There were two - one in the morning for the hooding (I've never heard of BA's getting hooded, but whatevs) and one in the afternoon for the diplomas. Only about a third of the class came to the morning ceremony.

Both venues were AWFUL. The sound was terrible, the lighting was bad, and the views were obstructed. At the second ceremony I almost had to throw down with some lady who tried to stop me from going up to the stage to take a picture of my sister.

I wonder why nobody planning these ceremonies realized that the MOST important part, for each person in that audience, is to see the person they are there to see and take pictures. There is no need for FIVE speeches, by various adults nobody cares about. And nothing means anything if you don't get to see your graduate. Particularly disappointing to me was that fact that this school has a HUGE performing arts'd think they could at least organize a good show!!!

But, despite the downfalls of the ceremonies, it was a good weekend. I think my sister enjoyed herself, and my mom and I did well too. We had a couple of nice meals and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And, on my last night there, I had a slumber party at my hotel with my high school best friend, JC. We had a really nice night.

So, now my sister moves on to the next phase of her life - grad school in Miami. I hope she loves it as much as I loved law school. And I hope she visits me lots, since she is only 4 hrs away!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I don't mind you hangin' out and talkin' in your sleep

I think most of you know that K talks in his sleep. Not in the normal sense -- muttering things you are saying in your dreams. No. K answers the phone in his sleep. Then he starts to snore and I hang up, so he can go back to sleep, and then he calls me back in his sleep!! Inevitably, I give up and just let him snore on the phone. Every once in a while he will realize he is on the phone and say something bizarre, but with complete conviction. Usually, it is hilarious.

Sometimes he orders food. "Just a chicken finger sub, and that's it." was my all time favorite.

Other times he insults imaginary people. "What a tank ass!" "Who?" "The girl riding with you, in your passenger seat."

Today he said "Oh! That's why! There were two of them!" "Two of what?" I asked. "Two Stevens! I was talking to two guys named Steve!" Once he was really awake, he had no idea who either Steve was.

So today I told him that I think I should start a one-liner blog (like or with all of the random shit he says in his sleep. He did NOT find that amusing. ;-) I, however, think it would be hilarious.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So, as Tiffany suggested, I have been thinking about using my spare time to write. In theory, a lawyer who wants a successful career should write some stuff and have it published. I'm not sure WHY this is true, since nobody but other nerdy lawyers read anything that nerdy lawyers write, but - just like having to work until 6 - this is a ridiculous truth that I must just accept. The problem is, WHAT to write about. The legal issues that I care about are all things that will either not improve my career (wrongful convictions or sex-offender registries) or possibly get me fired (raising the amount in controversy for federal diversity jurisdiction). So what to do? I searched through a few local law blogs and a few business law blogs today (for those non-lawyers out there, these are called "blawgs" because lawyers think they are cool and clever like that), searching for legal issues that might interest me. Nada. So, maybe I will just write about myself. At least then I can be on Oprah someday....